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Tom Thumb is a chain of supermarkets in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It operates under the name Tom Thumb for traditional grocery stores and Flagship Tom Thumb for higher end stores in affluent areas. It makes up part of the Southern division of Albertsons.

A former employee shares her disappointing experience on, "Tom Thumb used to be a great company. But it has become a very hostile environment. Every department is understaffed underpaid under appreciated and reprimanded for work not completed. Store directors constantly cut hours to ensure their bonuses. Only management gets full-time so even if you work a 40 hour week you still do not get benefits. They are forcing people out that have 10 or more years and are higher paid."


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Former Employee - Deli Clerk says

"Employees quite constantly and management forces you to pull the others weight rather than stepping in. Really had 1 person scheduled for an 8 hour shift around holiday time to save money."

Current Employee - Air Traffic Controller says

"Favoritisms and sexism, No overtime but required to do more work then possible in under 39 hours. Blame game, no current training manuals, lack of support from upper management, poor working conditions, broken equipment, false promises on advancement, etc etc"

Former Employee - Overnight Stocker says

"Left by myself 90% of the time to put out freight Management needed a lesson on how to talk to employees"

Current Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Good luck feeding your family. You never know if you get to work that day or not"

Current Employee - Attendant says

"Overload of work Not enough wages for work that's expected A few dangerous locations where you will be left alone The expectations to do everything perfectly when all the bad employees are completely ignored. They keep problematic employees but go after the good ones."

Former Employee - Produce Clerk says

"Everything else and don't work here"

Former Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"Favoritism in management and no hours"

Former Employee - Service Manager says

"Crappy pay, TERRIBLE scheduling, no benefits"

Former Employee - Head Cashier says

"Pays nothing Lots of sexual assault and racism in the stores. Most customers have no idea how horrible management is and what they allow to happen to their employees."

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Was hired as "cashier" and promptly assigned to week-long assignment to clean the parking garage full-time. Apparently management does not know the difference between cashier and janitor."

Dairy/Frozen Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is an absolute joke to work for. Unless you’re part of the “in crowd” and know someone in upper management you are never going to advance. They Definitely play favorites and regardless of the quality of work you do, if the management does not like you, you will never move up. Management will always overwork you and underpay you.If you know someone in upper management the pros are endlessToo many to list"

Fry Cook and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was an experience I can say that much. I got yelled at, demeaned, belittled every shift by the deli manager. There is no support whatsoever. Skim shift crew but Tom Thumb expects so much to be done. Schedule is never the same. Cut hrs. Bad bad customers.NothingEverything"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Really wasted 2 years of my time with this company. Management was poor, no breaks, employees were expected to work full time benefits with no benefits. As an assistant manager I had my manager give me all of her work except ordering because she took every weekend off and was “unavailable to come in”. Save your self the hassle. Don’t work here"

Cake Decorator (Former Employee) says

"A majority of my time at Tom Thumb was miserable. They ran through several managers in my department. They overworked and understaffed. I don't mind working hard, but to be expected to perform every duty in a bakery, tend to guest, while working completely alone a majority of the time is ridiculous. Management had no respect or compassion towards their associates and failed to acknowledge that the problem lied in upper management."

Floral designer floral department (Former Employee) says

"Tom Thumb used to be a great company. But it has become a very hostile environment. Every department is understaffed underpaid underappreciated and reprimanded for work not completed. Store directors constantly cut hours to ensure their bonuses. Only management gets full-time so even if you work a 40 hour week you still do not get benefits. They are forcing people out that have 10 or more years and are higher paid"

cashier (Former Employee) says

"the customers were good and some have always been nice and no problems but your other employees mostly have attitudes towards customers because they dont want to be there and is not very oriented with family and holidays"

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"the ecomers department its the wors, poor managment and the director is a JOKE no trustuble people no wroging oportunities, no secure hours, drivers are nasty, the only two persons can help you in that departemnt are the drver trainers"

Cashier (Part-time) says

"Poor management, no flexibility, low pay, dull atmosphere. I would never recommend working here unless you want to be treated as property. Managers constantly pick on people and break many business laws. Not sure why that location hasn't been investigated."

Deli Clerk (Current Employee) says

"5 years and 3 jobs later, I am still with the company at barely$9/hr with less than 30 hours a week because I "can't handle the job". The supposed new management has been trying to push out all their employees and bring in more ppl from Albertsons. Been told if I more person complains about me in any way, I am fired. I do my best with customers. If these managers would stop giving us a 1,000 more things to do, I could attend to customers properly. We are the only store that has its employees stay until 11pm. Don't come here"

Store Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company for 6 years. I started at 7.25 an hour and by year 6 i was up to 9.25. People who were new hires almost made as much as me. I loved my in store managers. Don't expect to be able to sit down, even on a 10-12 hr shift. It is strictly against the rules, you don't get a lunch break, or any scheduled breaks, or any law for those things, due to it being a convenient store."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I took an Assistant Manager position with the company. After pretty much two days of training classes and a brief overview of the register, I was thrown to the wolves. The manager could have not cared less on how things got done, as long as they got done. Even though on a few occassions no direction was given to anyone regarding a task. What really made me resign was the fact that I was reassigned and forced to move to midnights, despite a promise that my position would never work that shift. Then it comes to my attention that I am no longer being trained for an Assistant Manager role. This happens in the span of two weeks. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.NoneNo breaks, no direction, lied to about role with company"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this stupid company for 5 years and only went up a dollar and fourteen cents. 25 cent raise flicked at you after a year! Then to get wrote up for a little bit of a dirty floor after having a miscarriage the night you left the floor dirty was great! Awesome place to be!"

Deli Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Poor management team, not enough employees, and the pay is terrible! I recommend you find a different position. Please stay away from the DELI DEPARTMENT!"

Beverage Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is a company who does not care about his employees would rather see customers be able to steal verbally assault and has pure negligence towards any of their employees and everybody is very unhappy except for the people that steal and braids the workers this made company cares nothing about their employeesNoneCorporate"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"TOM THUMBS is an AWFUL place to work at. Especially the one I worked at. I wish I could give negative stars all way around. The management was horrible. The customers were rude and stuck up. The manager on shift would make us take our 30 minute lunch less than 2 hours into our 8 hour shift. We barely got a 15 minute break, but even if we did it didn’t last a whole 15 minutes. There’s absolutely no room to grow. The managers there have been there for 13-26 years. Look this place is awful. Save yourself and DO NOT WORK THERE.Discount, some employees were great peopleLow pay, bad management, no overtime, can’t grow, just about everything"

Store Associate (Former Employee) says

"They have trained me to work overnights at the store. However, they have not trained me enough to where I can work alone. I have been going through all of stress over there to where I can't sleep.NoneEverything"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The management is poor, along with the workers. Everyone was ignorant and bashful. The manager never kept anything confidential and made its way through the entire store. I would never recommend someone to work there"

Stocker/Receiver (Current Employee) says

"Undervalued, the culture/morale are both lowly high turnover rate management sucks rate of pay sucks you’d be lucky if it didn’t take you 10yrs to get $13/hr cheap unorganized and disoriented environment unclean and unsafe place to work.. 10/10 would not recommend anybody to work under these corporate slugs.. no recognition for going above and beyond and easy for the lower end workers to get in trouble for higher ups mistakes.. worse decision of my life to give years to that company.. I’m glad I left and will never return there especially not looking for employmentNoneEverything"

Service Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall the job was a fun environment with lots of special customers and coworkers. I started out as a cashier and moved up to Service Manager within months. Typically I would work in customer service assisting customers with money orders, vehicle registrations, lottery sales/redemptions and Western Union. I would balance tills as they came in at the end of a cashiers shift , give out loans, refill coin machines and balance the safe and cash office at the end of my shift. Upper management was difficult to deal with as they never seemed pleased with any one or anything and one of them was always loud, disrespectful, talked a lot of bull and showed favoritism. Outside of management I really enjoyed my time there and the things I learned."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I would only reconsider working for this company if i can get 40 hours & if they had a different front manager..The one they had then & now is very rude & not a people person..she needs customer training all over again.."

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